Why Do Some SEO Companies Cost So Much?

SEO is a pretty technical profession. Think of hiring an SEO expert as finding someone who is a cross between an engineer, an MBA and a content creator. There are lots of people who are good a few of these things, but few people who are good at all of them. For this reason, SEO can get expensive. But there are other reasons too. In this post we will cover why search engine optimization costs so much, in particular when you are hiring an SEO agency.

SEO is Competitive

Why Does SEO Cost so Much

Why Does SEO Cost so Much

If you are going after tough keywords you need to spend money on great content, links and someone to manage that process. While you are doing this, so are your competitors. When you are in a competitive space and vertical it can cost a lot to create the resources you need to succeed.

Sales Based Companies

Some SEO companies (Ignite Visibility is NOT one I promise) are sales based. So what does this mean you ask? It means that they will tell you anything to get you in the door. Their proposal and pitch might sound amazing, but the actual work they do is very poor or at least does not match their sales pitch or deliver ROI. There are many SEO companies out there like this. All they want is your money and for you to sign a contract. If you are locked in for one or two years what do they care? Again, Ignite Visibility was founded on the principal that we over deliver. If you ever have a problem just speak with one of our founders.

Key Personal

People are the most expensive part of SEO, because there really is a huge difference between good SEO professionals and bad SEO professionals. Salaries range from $30,000 starting to $200,000 for a Senior Director level type. When a good person costs this much your businesses expenses go up and that cost means more revenue needs to be generated. You get the picture right?

Services Cost Money

Many SEO companies rely on vendors or personnel in-house to write content, create backlinks, make infographics, write and distribute press releases, etc. These services are not free so that adds to the cost of the contract.

Some SEO Companies are Not Honest

Certain search engine optimization companies will just rob you blind, because you don’t know any better. We feel this is SO upsetting, but it happens. I know of SEO companies marking up services by so much money it would make you very upset. This is why it is so important to ask about this during the interview process.

Summing it Up

Ignite Visibility wanted to write this this post because we are an SEO company founded on honesty and hard work. We believe in mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. Add that to the fact that we are among the best, if not the best at what we do and it makes Ignite Visibility an excellent option for you.

Regardless, now you know why SEO companies cost so much! Have questions or comments about why SEO companies cost so much? Leave them below!

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