Today’s customers do their research across a range of online channels to make a decision about which dealership to use. This means dealers need to embrace the right blend of digital strategies to target, nurture, and close new auto customers. Ignite Visibility works closely with automotive clients to uncover their competitive advantage, address strategy blind spots, and optimize every touchpoint.

Our experts design a consistent strategy that spans PPC, SEO, content, social media, and the full range of content types used to engage audiences.


Step 1 //

Audit Existing Program

Step 2 //

Develop a Comprehensive Local SEO Strategy

Step 3 //

Develop a Strategy For Reaching People at All the Right Moments

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Paid Advertising

Step 5 //

Deliver Monthly and Quarterly Reports

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1. Why should auto dealers invest in a digital marketing strategy?

Today’s customers run the show. Instead of relying on a salesperson to show them their options, buyers do their research. It’s up to your business to update your strategy to meet customers where they are today: on digital platforms.

Because developing an automotive marketing strategy from scratch involves so many moving parts, working with an experienced team that truly understands how to develop and distribute content across multiple channels is critical.

By partnering with the right experts, car dealers can make an impact on buyers much earlier in the sales process by using relevant ads and tailored content that positions them above the competition.

2. What should car dealerships look for in an automotive digital marketing agency?

While most marketing agencies offer a core set of services like SEO, social media management, PPC, and content marketing, every niche has its own set of challenges. The automotive industry, in particular, is up against some big ones.

You’ll want to make sure you work with an automotive digital marketing agency that not only has a proven track record in the space but also understands how to apply the latest technology and best practices to your strategy.

3. How does an automotive company generate new business online?

Automotive companies can generate business online in a variety of ways. Optimizing for local SEO, for example, offers more opportunities to reach people searching for car dealers in their area. Targeted social media ads generate brand awareness, while retargeting people who have visited your website in the past can prevent leads from going cold.

The other thing to consider here is that most people that buy new cars aren’t going to turn into repeat customers. While your marketing strategy should include retargeting past customers with upgrades and trade-in offers, car dealers should focus on improving their reputation through review-generating tactics and creative referral programs.
As such, it’s important to create an experience so good that customers are happy to recommend your company to their friends, family, and strangers on social media.

4. What kind of marketing programs do automotive marketing companies typically provide?

For car dealerships, a digital marketing strategy should include local SEO, Google Ads, paid social media placements, content marketing, and engaging social channels. As you begin to assess your options, make sure you ask questions about how the agency gets the results they promise.

Aim to learn more about how they approach content creation, which channels and formats tend to work best for other automotive clients, and of course, their experience with local SEO.


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