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Each of our pay per click managers is Google Adwords certified. In addition, each pay per click manager has a strong background in math and analytics. Ignite Visibility can run pay per click or pay per impression campaigns for individual products, lead generation or even company branding initiatives.
Step 1

Define Performance Goals and Review Historical Data

Step 2

Implement Tracking

Step 3

Build Keywords & Targeting

Step 4

Develop Ad Copy & Creative

Step 5

Optimize Landing Pages

Step 6

Create Bidding Strategy


What Is Paid Media?

Although there are countless types of media you can use to promote your brand, they all fall under one of three categories: earned media, owned media, and paid media.

Earned media is word-of-mouth advertising. It’s coverage that you “earn” because your product or service is so outstanding.

Owned media is media that you control completely. Your blog is an example of owned media.

Paid media stands apart from earned or owned media because, as the name implies, you pay for it. It’s often the case that paid media is advertising that looks like standard news coverage or a social media update.

For example, you can pay to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Your paid media spot will appear as a standard entry in someone’s feed.

Even better: you can target your spot so that it’s only displayed to a specific subset of users on the social media site. In other words, you can only show your ad to people who are likely to be part of your target market.

Startups often rely on paid media to get the word out about their brand because they haven’t yet earned much media and their blogs aren’t reaching a lot of people.

What Is Google AdWords Management?

Google AdWords is a great way to reach people who search for a particular phrase relevant to your business. However, AdWords campaigns require constant management.

Why? Because you have competitors. You can be sure that they’ll constantly tweak their own AdWords campaigns to maximize their reach.

If you opt for a “set it and forget it” strategy with AdWords, you’re limiting your reach and you’ll see little (if any) return on investment.

That’s why any good AdWords campaign strategy includes evaluating results, making changes based on those results, and constant testing.

What are some things you might need to adjust when you optimize your AdWords strategy? Here are just a few examples:

  • Targeting – Adwords lets you target your ads to a specific group of Google users. If you find that you aren’t getting much bang for your buck with your targeting, it might be a good time to refine your criteria.
  • Ad Copy – How do you know which ad copy works best? By testing alternatives. Then, stick with the option that’s most effective.

Bidding – AdWords is an auction market. You’ll need to optimize your bids so that you’re not spending too much money but also so that your ad doesn’t get left behind.

What Is Bing Management?

Google isn’t the only game in town. There’s another search engine: Bing.

Although it’s easy to discredit Bing because it’s “not Google,” any business owner or digital strategist who’s interested in promoting a brand shouldn’t neglect the Microsoft search engine.

Why? Because 1 in 5 people use Bing for searching. That means you’re throwing away a sizeable chunk of market share if you ignore it.

Digital marketers who want to maximize their reach don’t just go “all in” with Google. They optimize their sites for keywords so that they appear at the top of the Bing search results, too. They also use Bing for advertising.

Bing allows you to run ads in a way that’s very similar to Google AdWords. That means:

  • You can target ads to run for a specific audience
  • You can run ads at specific times
  • You can run ads for specific keywords so that they show up in the search results

As with AdWords, though, Bing ads require some level of management. You’ll have to examine your reports to see what strategies, ad copies, and targeting options are working. Then, you’ll need to make adjustments to maximize your return.

What Is Display Advertising?

A picture is worth a thousand words. That might be more true in advertising than anywhere else.

Once you’ve finally made the decision to move forward with online advertising, you have a couple of options available:

  • Standard text ads that appear in search results and on some web pages
  • Display ads (including video ads) that are exclusive to web pages

Of course, you can always select both options. You might find that gives you the best return.

If you do decide to move forward with display advertising, you’ll need to understand the investment that’s required.

First, you’ll require imagery that sells your brand. That means you’ll have to hire a professional graphic designer who can polish your ad copy and make your ad stand out amongst other display ads that might appear on the same page.

Of course, you’ll also need to hire an advertising professional who knows how to craft outstanding ad copy and suggest just the right type of imagery to get you that much-coveted click.

The bottom line is that display advertising will definitely affect your bottom line. It’s an investment in time and money. But it also offers a great opportunity to brag about your brand.

Keep in mind that display advertising is often used in remarketing, which is the subject of the next question.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) is a way to reach people who’ve already expressed an interest in your brand.

For example, suppose somebody visits your website from an AdWords ad that you placed online. The person browses around your site for a while, seems interested in your products, but doesn’t buy anything just yet.

That visitor is still a potential customer!

Wouldn’t it be great to “remember” the people who visited your site so that you can target them in future ad campaigns? After all, if they’ve already expressed an interest in your brand, then they’re probably closer to the business end of the sales funnel than people who are targeted with “cold call” advertising.

Thanks to the magic of remarketing, you can display ads to people who’ve already visited your site. That’s because modern advertising networks use the wonders of modern “cookie” technology to store information about which sites people have visited.

Even better: those same ad networks will allow you to show your ads only to people who’ve visited your site. That gives you another opportunity to close the sale.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site. Many digital marketers also consider it the best place to run ads.

Why? For starters, the right ad can be dirt cheap. It’s not too uncommon for some marketers to pay just 1 cent per click.

Also, Facebook gives you the opportunity to target your ads to a very specific group of people. You can choose to show your ads to Facebook users based on demographics and/or interests.

For example, you might want to show your ad only men who are interested in fashion. Alternatively, you might like to display your ad only to women who are into gourmet cooking. Those are the kinds of options that you get with Facebook.

One of the biggest selling points for Facebook advertising, though, is that it offers flexibility in the type of ad you’d like to run.

For example, you might opt to run a simple image ad that promotes your brand. On the other hand, you think the people in your target market might need to see a video to fully explain the product you’re offering. Facebook gives you the option to run either type of ad.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to reach potential customers, you should definitely consider advertising on Facebook.


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