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Similar to search engine optimization, different companies are at various levels with their social media marketing. No matter what level your online brand has achieved, Ignite Visibility has more to offer. Our social media marketing team has been innovators in the field for over a decade, and we continue to push the envelope daily. Our services are innovative, heavily integrate PR and influencer marketing and always deliver. 
Step 1

Determine Main Goals

Step 2

Develop Company Brand

Step 3

Identify Influencers, Media Outlets & Customers

Step 4

Optimize Website

Step 5

Build Influence

Step 6

Build Communities, Brand & Revenue


What Is Social Media Management?

There are two parts to social media management. First, we’ll make a determination about which social media channels are suited to your brand. Then, we’ll help you use various social media sites to manage your brand online.

It’s important to note that not all social media sites are created equal. Some of them are more pertinent to specific business models than others.

For example, if your company is in the B2B space, you’ll want to promote your brand on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if your company is in the fashion industry, you’ll likely find more success on image-focused social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Once we’ve established which social media channels are suited to your company, we’ll help you use social media to boost your brand online.

First, we’ll work with you to set goals about social media updates. We’ll offer pointers about the type of content you should include in your updates and how often you should post to social media..

Next, we’ll go over your social media analytics to determine which types of updates resonate well with people in your target market. You can use that information to focus your social media marketing efforts for the best results.

Finally, we’ll also show you how to use social media to generate leads and bring people to your website.

What Are Interactive Campaigns?

Interactive campaigns include any online initiative to create buzz about your brand. They typically include contests, quizzes, and chats.

For example, we might initiate a photo contest that calls on people in your target market to share a creative picture of your product. That’s a win-win for everybody involved because the contest helps potential customers become engaged with your brand while giving them an opportunity to win prizes.

Along those lines, we might also run a video contest that highlights your product or service. Once again, you get free marketing from the very people you want as your customers. At the same time, you’ll be amazed at some of the creative videos that people use to enter the contest.

Quizzes are another great way to build engagement. We’ll set up quizzes that will appeal to people in your target market and give each one of them a clickbait title that brings visitors flocking to your website.

Finally, we’ll also help you set up Twitter chats. We’ll work with you to establish a date, time, and hashtag for your chat so that it has maximum impact.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Almost all the social media sites allow you to advertise online.

Even better: many sites allow you direct your advertising efforts to people based on demographics and interests. That means you can get the best bang for your buck by showing your ads only to social media users who are likely to be a part of your target market.

Still, some social media sites are better suited to specific demographics than others. For example, if you’re marketing to millennials, then you should advertise on Snapchat. On the other hand, if your customers are mostly women, then you should advertise on Pinterest.

How do you pay for advertising on social media? That depends on the social media site and your goals. In some cases, you might want to optimize your ad for maximum clicks and pay per click. For other campaigns, you might prefer to pay per impression.

Our social media experts will work with you to determine the social media advertising strategy that will give you the best return on investment. We’ll make sure that your ad runs on the right social media channels and that it’s targeted to just the right audience.

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is just like “normal” PR but with an emphasis on link-building. The idea is to generate buzz about your business by building a healthy backlink profile.

As an added bonus, backlinks also boost your rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That gives you greater exposure when people search for keywords related to your niche.

We’ll begin your Digital PR campaign by determining where people in your target market are spending their time online. Then, we’ll help you become a part of those communities so that you can get mentioned, become a thought leader, and generate links that result in more visits to your website.

Our campaign will also target editors, influential bloggers, referral partners, and key social media accounts to get them writing about your business. We’ll use a variety of channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, and comment sections on blogs to build awareness about your brand online.

We’ll also find out which Digital PR strategies work for your competitors and imitate them.

What Are Infographics?

You can think of infographics as an executive summary in graphical format. They give people facts and stats about a particular subject using a tower-shaped image that only takes a couple of minutes to read.

The biggest selling point for infographics, though, is that they make information easy to digest with the use of images. Infographics are typically packed with graphs, charts, and stats. Sometimes, cartoon characters are included to break up the monotony.

In a nutshell, infographics make learning fun.

Beyond that, though, infographics have the potential to go viral. That’s very good news if you’re the author of an infographic and it’s branded with your company name and a website URL at the bottom.

Our team of graphic design experts will set up an infographic that’s relevant to your niche. We’ll also distribute it to various social media channels and share it with key influencers who are likely to share it with their followers as well.

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