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Hootsuite Certified ProfessionalIgnite Visibility is an industry leading San Diego social media marketing company, and our results prove it. We go beyond simple and trivial social media practices that you can do and learn on your own, and take social media to the next level. Ignite Visibility provides analytics, conversion tracking, reporting and ROI analysis on all our social media endeavors, so you know how your social media marketing effects your bottom-line.

But perhaps even more important, we integrate your social media with your search engine optimization strategy, and leverage social media to improve your rankings. We know it sounds like this is a lot to offer, but it is what we do. Allow us to explain the process. Of course if you would rather talk to us directly please feel free to contact us now. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to a real person.

The Ignite Visibility Social Media Marketing Process

Social Media Marketing Company San Diego

Similar to search engine optimization, different companies are at various levels with their social media marketing. No matter what level your online brand has achieved, Ignite Visibility has more to offer. Our social media marketing team has been innovators in the field for over a decade, and we continue to push the envelope daily. We want to work with you and do a good job for you, because it is our passion.

Our San Diego social media marketing service offering is robust. We don’t want to sell you on anything you don’t need. Because of this, the first step in our evaluation process is to identify your goals.

Blog Development and Consulting

This Ignite Visibility social media service ensures your blog drives traffic, builds your social media communities, generates links and drives leads to your website. Answer the questions below to determine if it is a good fit for you.
Social Media Marketing San Diego

  • Do you have a blog?
  • Is your blog being indexed by Google and is it bringing you traffic and conversions?
  • Are you using your blog to build links for SEO?
  • Do you have an editorial calendar for your blog?
  • Are each of your blog posts optimized for social media and SEO keywords?
  • Are your blog posts being shared regularly on social media sites?
  • Is your blog structure perfected from an SEO and SMO standpoint?

If not please contact us now.

Social Media Optimization

Google Plus Social Media MarketingThe Ignite social media optimization service refines your website and profiles to increase the size of your online presence. This is a methodology we have been perfecting and updating for years, and the increase in traffic, community growth and leads shows.

  • Is your website perfectly optimized for social media? Facebook Opengraph Meta Tags, share buttons, links to profiles, social plugins, YouTube integration, Twitter, Cards, etc.
  • Do you have all of your social sites set up? If so, do your social media profiles clearly represent your current branding campaign?
  • Do you have custom tabs, applications, backgrounds, profile pictures and tools enabled for your profiles?
  • When you search for your YouTube videos and other social media content, can you find it on the first page of Google?
  • Are you using RSS feeds to maximize your online reach and SEO linking building?
  • Do your social media sites drive business to your website?

Social Media Management

YouTube Social Media MarketingYou’re busy, let expert content creators and brilliant social media innovators manage your profiles for you. In this service, we write search engine optimized blog posts and post them to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and niche sites. Furthermore, we manage your Facebook page and Twitter profile with regular updates, polls and other forms of exciting creative content. We constantly engage new users, and by doing so, grow the size of your online profiles at a rapid rate.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative suite of social media consulting and social media management services.

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Quick Stats on Social Media Marketing

  • 43 percent of all online shoppers are social media fans or followers on one of the major social sites.
  • The average American Internet browser watches 30 minutes of video online each day.
  • 200 million Facebook users access the site via a mobile device.
  • Facebook is projected to hit 1 billion users by August of 2012.
  • $3.08 billion was spent to advertise on social media websites in 2011, a 55 percent increase over 2010.
  • Facebook currently has 800 million users, Twitter has 300 million, LinkedIn has 116 million and Google + has 90 million.
  • Social media networks and blogs consume nearly 25% of people’s time online.

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