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  • Named Best SEO Agency in California in 2014 and 2015
  • Named top 10 SEO company in the United States in 2014 and 2015
  • Named top 10 local SEO firm and social media company in United States in 2014 and 2015
  • Named top 10 SEM company in United States in 2014 and 2015
  • Featured on Forbes, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, UT San Diego, CIO Magazine, Entrepreneur 
  • Experience with biggest websites online, startups and medium sites
  • We teach the SEO and analytics course at UC San Diego
  • Honest, hardworking, dedicated to client success, true experts
  • We literally wrote the guide on multilingual and multinational SEO
  • All SEO services are 100% customized
  • We solve the hardest issues that other SEO companies can’t

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SEO Company

Award Winning SEO Company in San Diego, CA

Ignite Visibility is an SEO company with experience optimizing the world’s largest and most complex websites. Our search engine optimization firm has background, knowledge and a dedication to quality which sets us apart. Don’t waste any more time reading reviews of SEO companies. You have found an honest, hardworking search optimization agency full of true experts. The Ignite Visibility team has been featured on Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Journal, Good Morning San Diego, CIO Magazine,, Entrepreneur Magazine and many other top media outlets. We also currently teach two courses at UCSD, one on search engine optimization and the other on web analytics. Ignite Visibility is the best choice for SEO. We have been ranked #1 SEO company in California and top 2 in the nation. Our client’s range from the largest international companies in the world to startups to medium size local businesses. The one key ingredient, is we take on clients where we can show them success. Learn our story or simply contact us now.

Our SEO Process

Although our companies process has been refined over the last 10 years, we have continued to innovate, and make sure to do so everyday. Ignite Visibility works hard to stay ahead of the curve to forge ahead with honest practices that provide websites with traffic and conversions.

SEO San Diego

Search Engine Optimization San Diego

Step One: Keyword Analysis

The first step of our process involves analyzing the keywords you are interested in and the keywords your competitors are targeting. Ignite SEO experts will aggregate this data and then use specific search optimization tools to generate further keyword options. The final result will be a list of potential keyword segments to choose from.

Step Two: Keyword Assignment

With a keyword analysis in hand, we now have the information needed to make decisions. A strategiest at our SEO company will assign keywords to the pages on your website. This part of the strategy is critical, as it will be the road map for the entire campaign. Now that we know what we would like each page to rank for, we can begin on-site optimization. Onsite SEO is a process that Ignite Visibility makes sure to expedite quickly so that quick results can be realized. SEO does take time.

SEO – Step Three: Onsite SEO Code OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization San Diego

It is near impossible to find search engine optimization that offers the same level of code optimization as Ignite Visibility. Optimizing websites is one of our core specialties, so you’ll know that your site is in good hands. Your code optimization will entail first fixing anything that is broken (this is an important part of the process, as it allows us to ensure nothing is technically wrong with the site). Following this, we will optimize your page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords. We will also take a look to make sure the search engines can index your content, no pages are being blocked, all links are being followed, and everything on the backend is overall in top-notch condition for search engine indexing. We also look at advanced strategies such as, images, videos, sitemaps, robots.txt and more. Finally, we ensure that the website abides by Google’s Quality Guidelines.

Step Four: Onsite Content Search Engine Optimization

At Ignite Visibility, we have made major changes to our SEO content marketing post Google Hummingbird Update. We currently deliver high-end inbound content marketing, which sends large levels of traffic, social shares and links to the website. Our content strategies set us apart from other SEO companies, as our editorial team delivers the highest quality content. We have 7 writers on staff, as well as a content manager, who ensures each piece of content is the highest quality. In addition, we have full translation abilities, allowing us to optimize your website in an language.

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Content search optimization is a critical part of the process. The process is very straightforward; we will simply take the keywords listed in the keyword assignment for that page and work them into that page’s copy. This will be a further signal to search engines to rank you for those terms. In this phase, we will also make sure that all on-page titles, such as H1s and H2s are optimized. Furthermore, post Google Hummingbird update, we ensure that certain topics are touched on which Google deems high-quality. Our formula for copy optimization is proven to work.

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Step Five: Onsite Internal Link Optimization

For very large websites with millions and millions of pages, creating a search engine optimization friendly internal linking structure can be tough, especially if your  strategy is fragmented. Ignite Visibility experts have worked with sites reaching hundreds of millions of pages and can ensure your internal linking structure is architecturally correct. Likewise, if you are smaller site we can maximize the pages you have and assist you in creating a new page and internal linking development strategy. The Internal linking process consists of making sure each link points to a page with the correct keyword in the anchor text. In addition, there are a few expert strategies we implement in this phase that we only reveal to clients, making us one of the best SEO companies at onsite SEO.

Step Six: Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linking

Once we have ensured these critical items are covered, we move into advanced search engine optimization strategies. In this phase, we’ll do a final review of the technical structure of your site and then suggest new forms of search traffic development. Furthermore, this phase marks the start of significant external link building. It should be noted that external link building may occur at different times, this will all be based on the link building strategy the Ignite Visibility specialist creates, which will be dependent on the goals of the marketing campaign. Our company has proven strategies in these areas. Recently, we were able to boost a clients rankings by over 400% just through competitive backlink analysis.

Important Points about Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is at the core of the Ignite Visibility search engine marketing service offering. Our abilities in SEO are among the best in the world. Each SEO project has different goals and needs. Ignite’s SEO San Diego headquarters are a breading ground for advanced strategies and new ideas. Ignite is an honest search engine optimization company founded on the principals of hard work and quality. In this page we only touch on the basics of the process.

A Final Point on SEO and Social Media Integration

Our SEO company has a process that is heavily integrated with social media marketing. Following onsite search engine optimization and external link building, Ignite Visibility will use social media optimization and social media marketing to build further external links and grow the authority of your online presence. Blogging is also a critical part of this strategy, and the Ignite Visibility team will make sure all of your online assets are working together to maximize effectiveness. Overall, in the world Internet marketing a good, honest company is hard to come by. You can rest assured that Ignite Visibility will provide excellent service. Contact us today to get started by clicking on the button below. It can’t hurt to at least have a conversation about your needs, right?

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Quick Stats on SEO for 2015

  • Getting ranked number one makes all the difference. 42% of searchers click on the top-ranking listing. 8% click the second-ranking. The CTR continues to drop from there.
  • 77% of searchers will select organic over a paid listing in the Google search engine results. Furthermore, when searching, 67% select organic search when buying a product.
  • The average cost of search engine optimization in the US is between 2,500 and 5,000 per month or per project.
  • In most cases search engine optimization beats PPC and social media marketing in lead generation.
  • A study by Forrester from 2006 found that 93% of all internet traffic comes from a search engine.
  • Google controls 64.42% of the search market while Microsoft achieved 30.01% of the U.S. search market share in March — 14.32% from and 15.69% from Yahoo Search.
  • 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of search engine results.
  • 81% of businesses consider their blog to be one of their most important SEO assets.
  • In a study recently conducted by Search Engine Journal, SEO leads had a 14.6% close rate while outbound marketing leads had a 1.7% close rate.

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