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Our International SEO Process //


Step 1 //

Determine countries with biggest potential

Step 2 //

Create go-to market strategy

Step 3 //

Determine digital marketing channels with the biggest return

Step 4 //

Strategic market launch

Step 5 /

Determine cost per acquisition by channel

Step 6 //

Scale across different countries


Expert Posts

1. What does an international SEO consultant do?

An international SEO consultant helps companies determine new countries to target and branch into. Once a new area has been selected, the consultant will help map out a plan for the website and make sure its international SEO is technically correct. They ensure the correct hreflang attribute is being used (which tells Google which language you’re using on a specific page), as well as updates Google search console to include the new area. Once everything is technically correct, an international SEO consultant will push the website into the new countries and languages. International SEO services generally follow. This includes links in the country, content, reporting and more.

2. How long does international SEO take?

The time frame will vary by project, though individual website pages can be translated in as little as two weeks. Results generally take about 2 to 4 months to see, though this can be faster if it’s an established website and changes are made quickly. Ignite Visibility works on small to large international SEO projects, some which include translating hundreds of pages of content a month.

3. How much do international SEO services cost?

Our international SEO agency services start at $4,000 a month on smaller projects and go up from there. It all depends on the project. We have some clients which are very large and others who are just getting started.

4. Do you offer international SEO translation services?

We do. We offer full services, and can expand into every country and translate to every language. Our international SEO agency has the ability to create hundreds of translated pages a month.

5. How do you decide what international seo markets are the best to go after?

A international SEO consultant will evaluate and decide on markets based on which have the biggest opportunities for business. We review each company in Google analytics, and look at the search traffic in each market and the level competition. Once we’ve reviewed all available data, we narrow down the markets in which your business will best be able to sell your products or services.

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