Google Offers Way to Get More Followers on Google +, But you Have to Pay

There has always been an option to add a +1 extension to an ad in Google. But now Google is has created a new option that allows Google + pages to get more followers! Did I just see hundreds of SEO’s ears perk up?

How to Get more Google + Followers with Ads

Google is using their AdWords Express interface for this promotion. For those of you who don’t know, AdWords Express is a toned down version of AdWords that makes it easy for the advertiser. According to a recent article on Search Engine Land, “Google is apparently trying to cross-promote AdWords Express and Google+. The company is suggesting Local Google+ pages as AdWords Express landing-page substitutes for SMB websites.”

Here we see that small ads are showing on Google + pages.

Google + Ads

Google + Ads

Although no one likes ads, I for one am happy to see this option. Social media marketers everywhere have been looking for easy ways to get more +1s. What is easier than throwing a little money at it!? But seriously, a little money can definitely jump start a community so why not do it? Also, +1’s are going to be one of the most sought-after metrics in the next couple years.

Overall, the ability to advertising your Google + page through AdWords express is just Google trying to catch up to the capabilities of social media sites link Facebook and Twitter. Ignite Visibility feels it is about time.

What do you think about ads for Google +?