CTR in Webmaster Tools, a Gold Mine to Increase Search Traffic

Most SEO professionals believe that CTR influences search results. They also believe that a high bounce rate, low time on site, low pages per visit and other similar metrics, when looked at in relation to the industry the website belongs to, can have SEO impact. Or, at the very least, are strong indicators of quality Read More

Search within Search: Google Testing Resurgance of Search Feature

Google is attempting a resurgence of a search feature they rolled out a few years back. It is essentially a search box within the actual search you perform. This sounds a little puzzling at first, but it is actually quite simple. We have seen this in the past but this one appears to be a Read More

13 Critical SEO Strategies To Implement Before Penguin 3.0

Penguin 3.0 is speculated to run any day now, and SEO professionals are scrambling to get their websites in line for the update. (Why so many have waited until now, I have no idea.) Here are some things you should do before the next Penguin update — and for your website’s SEO in general. 1. Read More

Online Video Marketing, Will It Dominate Television?

As viewers have become increasingly untethered from traditional television viewing, and increasingly watching content online and on mobile devices, we’re starting to see dramatic shifts in marketing budgets towards online video. According to a recent report from Vidyard, 71 percent of marketers have found that their conversion performance for online video content was either somewhat Read More

Guide to Switching from HTTP to HTTPS for SEO

Earlier in the month, Google announced a lightweight ranking signal within their Google Search algorithm. The Https/SSL ranking signal is said to only impact an estimated one percent of global searches, but Google says they may strengthen the Https signal overtime. Thus, allowing webmasters an adequate amount of time to migrate their websites from Http Read More

Ignite Visibility Welcomes Ben Bien as PPC Manager

Ignite Visibility is very excited to welcome Ben Bien as a PPC Manager! Bringing a wealth of experience, skills and dedication, Ben has managed well over 70 PPC accounts. Ben comes from a rigorous online marketing background. Learn more about Ben below. How long have you been working in Internet marketing? I have been working Read More

How to Set Up Universal Analytics Cross Domain Tracking Installation

Google is now offering Universal Analytics as the standard Google Analytics installation. For the most part, it much simpler, flexible and feature rich than previous models of the software. One thing that has changed is the way we implement cross domain tracking. While previously, you had to call the link method, with Universal Analytics, there Read More

An Internet Marketing Meetup Done Right

Having recently relocated from Maine, I’m continually wowed by the gorgeous California weather, friendly people, and especially the Mexican food! I wasn’t expecting another dose of west coast charm when I signed up for Distilled’s SEO expert meetup this past Tuesday, but I’m learning that in San Diego, it’s not only about substance, but also Read More

Google’s “Knowledge Vault” – Science Fiction Becomes Digital Reality

It is the stuff of science fiction. Issac Asimov’s Multivac stored every computable answer save for one. The decades-long series Star Trek‘s ship computer could answer any question posed to it, and did so in conversational format. Arthur C. Clarke’s infamous HAL 9000 was an artificial intelligence computer that calmly conversed with it’s doomed crew. Hundreds Read More

Ultimate Guide to Responsive Design and SEO

Responsive web design is not only the largest current design trend to hit the internet, but it’s also the most important design method to simplify managing a website and boosting user performance. A responsive design eliminates the need to have multiple designs to accommodate different devices, such as desktops and cell phones, as the website Read More

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