Google Local Search Rolls Out Major Algorithm Change

Google rolled out a pretty big algorithm update to their local search rankings as of last night. Currently there are not many details to analyze just yet, however it is known that the change has made a significant impact on local search. Ranking changes for local businesses, whether for better or worse, have been widely Read More

Instagram Attempts to Crush Snapchat with Possible Competitor

The social media world has spoken. Screenshots of a possible new Snapchat-like app are now surfacing from a small number of Android users. What is Bolt? Bolt, a supposed new app created by Instagram, is said to be “one tap photo messaging,” which sounds a lot like our good friend, Snapchat. The notification appeared at Read More

Business Guide to Choosing an SEO Company in 2015

With 2015 quickly approaching, many business owners are revamping their SEO strategies to stay ahead of their competition. However, developing an effective SEO strategy isn’t the only stressful factor business owners will face as it’s difficult to find a reliable SEO company, especially for businesses who have no prior experience dealing with an SEO firm. Read More

The Most Important New Devices for Marketers to be Engaging in 2015

While 2015 may seem a long way off and developments in the world of technology move at a startling pace, it’s never too early to start planning for the future. Anticipating how consumers will engage with the continually evolving developments in new devices is key for marketers to stay ahead of the competition. While it Read More

Case Study: Love is in the Hair Viral Campaign

Wigs by Patti’s Pearls is a boutique website geared towards women with cancer as well as the hair challenged. The Challenge The client wanted to bring more exposure to the e-commerce business and expand their brand. Additionally, the client wanted to recognize the beautiful women and raise awareness of hair loss and its affects. The Read More

When Good Information Goes Bad

Recently, we’ve seen Google start providing more actual details regarding your query in their search results a la Duck Duck Go. It’s now possible to get step-by-step instructions or fast answers to queries from an ever-widening variety of search terms. Rather than pulling from the first search result provided, Google has been generating it’s own Read More

Google Upgrades Zip Code Listings Feature in Search

Google has added a pretty cool feature to its knowledge graph. When you search a given location, you will effortlessly receive all the zip codes within that area. Furthermore, clicking on one of the zip codes gives you a map where the location you have targeted is outlined. It’s a pretty convenient idea when you Read More

10 Reasons You Should Stop Using Twitter

With over 255 million active monthly users on Twitter and the majority of the world’s leading marketers using Twitter to build their brands, it’s no wonder that everywhere you turn people are telling you to jump on the Twitter bandwagon with your business. But before you fire off that next tweet, there are many Twitter Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using LinkedIn

In marketing, SEO and social media especially, it is just about mandatory to have a LinkedIn profile. Not only can you network with others in the industry, but you can also use it for job searching, keeping track of past projects, and reading news, among many other features. To take full advantage of all the Read More

How Universities Can Better Prepare Students for Marketing Jobs

Half of university students surveyed in a recent report admit that they feel unprepared for entering the job market, while 39 percent of employers feel recent graduates aren’t prepared for the workforce. With these statistics, many are looking at how well universities are preparing students for the road ahead of them after graduating. Graduates have Read More

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