Industry Experts Reveal Secrets to Building Their Online Business

With 9 out of 10 businesses reporting to have increased their marketing budgets by 47 percent in 2014, most of which consists of digital marketing, an online business has the potential to be extremely lucrative when taking advantage of online marketing. The multi-million dollar marketing industry opens the door to endless global profits. However, with Read More

Google Panda 4.1 Update Released, Winners, Losers, Information

The Google Panda 4.1 update started rolling out on September 24th. The update was official made public on the 25th. Since the update, we have learned information on winners, losers and the types of websites that won and lost. I will say one thing to start, the update is very new. We do not know Read More

Google Update History Timeline

This page covers all of the Google updates that have occurred since 2012. The Ignite Visibility team keeps this updated on a weekly basis. Below you will find every Google update that occurred in 2012, 2013 and 2014. This information has been compiled based on Ignite Visibility insight, as well as announcements from Google, Tweets Read More

How to Build a Credible Personal Brand that Shines Online, Part 1

From the green mermaid of Starbucks to the Nike swoosh, we encounter corporate branding on a daily basis, but probably don’t give too much thought to developing our own brand. Branding is obviously important on the business-level, but these days creating your own personal brand is just as important. Building a recognizable and credible personal Read More

Experts from SEM Rush, Fueled, Reveal 2015 Mobile Predictions

People are moving to mobile in a big way. Most people have smart phones and it is becoming easier and easier to accomplish everything you need to do on a smartphone. Nowadays, a smart phone can do almost everything a desktop can, including online shopping and making purchases. Listen to what these experts think will Read More

40 Ways to Crush your Landing Page Optimization and Increase Sales

A landing page, in the world of marketing and advertising, is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that is designed for a single focused objective: to guide visitors to a certain action in order to reach your conversion goal. While there can be many different goals of a landing page, the two Read More

21 Experts Reveal Secret Insight on Links for SEO in 2015

We know that links have had a lot of heat on them. They are a major factor for ranking in the Google search results. But many SEO experts are speculating on big changes for linking and SEO in 2015. In this article, 21 SEO experts weight in on linking and SEO. There are some interesting Read More

Google May Now Use Your TV Watching Habits As Ranking Signal

What you watch on TV may now play in as a factor that influences your search results from a given query. Just a couple days ago, on September 16th, Google was granted the patent to use what you watch on TV as another one of their ranking signals (although they have not officially said it Read More

Netropolitan: Online Country Club or Highway Robbery?

Netroplitan, a new social network that is branding itself as an exclusive online country club for rich people, has announced itself this week. What makes it so exclusive? The membership fee is a smooth 9k to start off, with recurring annual payments of 3k thereafter. The only thing accessible to the general unwashed masses is Read More

Can you Add Rel Next Rel Prev and Rel Canonical Same Page?

rel next rel prev is a markup that you can add to the HTML of your website. You use the markup to tell search engines that this is the next page and this is the previous page in a set of pagination. When we say pagination, we mean when content is connected by multiple pages Read More

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