Why Thumbs are Critical to Mobile Web Design and CRO

There is plenty to consider when optimizing your website for mobile CRO, but one critical component that businesses often overlook is how best to organize your site for users’ thumbs. With over one billion people expected to browse the Internet via their smartphones alone by the end of 2015, and touchscreens continuing to dominate the field, ... Read More

Ignite Visibility Welcomes Andy Kelly to the Team as SEO Project Manager

Ignite Visibility is excited to welcome Andy Kelly to the team. Andy has been in the SEO industry for over 4 years. He has been a rising star at each of the companies he has worked at and has a very impressive background in the field. He has worked on over 80 Internet marketing campaigns and has managed medium-size teams to help accomplish project ... Read More

Why Blogs on Subdomains are Basically Worthless for SEO

Deciding whether or not to integrate a company blog on your root website (a directory such as example.com/blog) or host on subdomain (such as blog.example.com) is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For years, we’ve heard the “subdomain versus integrated blog” debate (seriously, we have talked about it a lot), and although Google ... Read More