21 Experts Reveal Secret Insight on Links for SEO in 2015

We know that links have had a lot of heat on them. They are a major factor for ranking in the Google search results. But many SEO experts are speculating on big changes for linking and SEO in 2015. In this article, 21 SEO experts weight in on linking and SEO. There are some interesting Read More

Google May Now Use Your TV Watching Habits As Ranking Signal

What you watch on TV may now play in as a factor that influences your search results from a given query. Just a couple days ago, on September 16th, Google was granted the patent to use what you watch on TV as another one of their ranking signals (although they have not officially said it Read More

Netropolitan: Online Country Club or Highway Robbery?

Netroplitan, a new social network that is branding itself as an exclusive online country club for rich people, has announced itself this week. What makes it so exclusive? The membership fee is a smooth 9k to start off, with recurring annual payments of 3k thereafter. The only thing accessible to the general unwashed masses is Read More

Can you Add Rel Next Rel Prev and Rel Canonical Same Page?

rel next rel prev is a markup that you can add to the HTML of your website. You use the markup to tell search engines that this is the next page and this is the previous page in a set of pagination. When we say pagination, we mean when content is connected by multiple pages Read More

7 Vital Strategies to Generate 150 Leads Per Month to your Website

Generating leads to your website can be very difficult without the right know-how. It can feel a bit like you are trying to open a door by beating your head against it over and over, but it just wont open. That being said, once you set up a mechanism to generate leads to your website Read More

How to Grow your Email List Fast and Increase Sales

Over the last couple of years, there has been an ongoing debate over whether or not email marketing is still a variable method in the wake of the growing trend of social media marketing. Despite the naysayer’s, research proves that email marketing remains more effective than social media when attracting new customers. In fact, a Read More

Internet Marketing News in August, September 2014 – Ignite Visibility

John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility covers Internet Marketing news in August and September 2014. Watch the video below! Internet Marketing News in August, September 2014 Internet Marketing News in August and September 2014 Social Facebook Bans Like Gate Promoted pins go beta Twitter ads buy button in Tweets SEO Panda update on September 5th Bing Read More

John Lincoln Named Top 25 Most Influential CRO Experts in 2014

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It is the practice of modifying a website, and the traffic being driven to that website, in order to increase conversion rates. A conversion rate is the rate at which someone accomplished a goal on your website. For example, say you drive 1,000 visitors to a web page a Read More

Ignite Visibility Welcomes Alan Bush as Director of Strategy

Ignite Visibility is excited to welcome Alan Bush on as Director of Strategy. In this role, Alan will manage a handful of large clients, set company strategy and provide direction to the team. Alan has held the Director role at multiple agencies, worked with hundreds of clients ranging from fortune 500 to start-ups, hosts a Read More

Bing SEO Spam Filter Detects URL Keyword Stuffing

Have you been stuffing your URLs full of keywords? Well, STOP! Bing has just released a new spam filter that kicks websites out the index when they stuff their URLs full of terms. According to Bing, this filter was actually applied a few months ago, but they are just telling us about it now. Igor Read More

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