Mobile SEO Checklist – #Infographic

After Google’s announcement that they will begin to use a site’s mobile readiness as a ranking factor for mobile search results, now is the time to fine tune your mobile optimization. Google’s move is largely due to their earlier prediction that mobile searches will reach close to 85.9 billion in 2015 as 57 percent of adults in the United States ... Read More

Google Tests Drop-Down Feature for Mobile Local Results

Google has been doing a lot of tests on mobile. Really, it is a new world of usability and user experience that no one has 100% figured out yet. So you can expect a lot of innovation in the area. This week, Google started testing a feature for how they display their local Google My Business pages. Basically, it is a blue button with a down arrow. ... Read More

Ultimate Guide to On-Site Social Media Optimization

As social media continues to play an increasingly important role in marketing your business online, optimizing your social accounts is now critical to make the most of their potential. And since your website should be considered the home base of your social media strategy–the place where all of your accounts drive your customers–you want to ensure ... Read More