21 Top Schools in Social Media Marketing

Some schools are good at social and others are not. In this post we look at the top schools in social media marketing.

1. Cal Berkeley

Cal Berkeley’s Facebook page has attracted 152,084 ‘Likes’ and attracts lots of comments throughout the day. Sporadic Twitter feed has 8,871 followers and was last updated nearly 24 hours previously. YouTube channel, on the other hand, has 108,000 subscribers and attracted 2 million video views. Berkeley has presence on iTunesU as well as own Berkeley Blog and e-newsletter. Highlights: Harem Shake video at Doe Library posted on FB page.



Duke Social Media Marketing

Duke Social Media Marketing

2. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University’s Facebook page has 305,076 “Likes;” Twitter feed has 49,285 followers and gets updated three or four times daily. More than 19,000 YouTube subscribers have amassed 4.9 million video views. Loads of courses on iTunesU.



3. University of Colorado

While the Buffs’ Facebook page has a respectable 69,186 ‘Likes, ‘ its lively and entertaining Twitter feed has only 1,886 followers. Where else would you learn that CU Boulder students helped to create NASA’s parody of ‘Gangnam Style? CU also features on YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and good, old-fashioned RSS. University has a Flickr account and its own iPhone app.



4. Columbia University

Columbia’s Facebook page, with 67,286 “Likes,” contains a link to a site where visitors may help name two new moons discovered around Pluto. Twitter 15,000 followers receive several tweets daily. Entire lecture series’ may be viewed on YouTube channel. The university is also accessible on Google+, iTunesU and RSS.



5. Duke University

Among the reasons why more than 187,000 Facebook visitors “Like” Duke University’s Facebook page are links to thought-provoking videos such as the reasons why we cannot drill our way to energy dependence and the sensuality and science of chocolate. Duke’s 10,358 Twitter followers receive several tweets a day. Experience Duke’s own video channel, “Duke on Demand,” or access the university on numerous YouTube channels.



Harvard Social Media - Twitter

Harvard Social Media – Twitter

6. Harvard University

Harvard posts regularly throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook. The university also maintains an active presence on FourSquare, SoundCloud, iTunes University and YouTube, where there is a huge wealth of content, both academic and social. Visitors may also access social networking through Harvard’s mobile app. Entertain yourself for days just browsing through the catalogues of what is available. Highlights: Listen to John F. Kennedy ruminating on the connection between poetry and politics in 1956 speech on Harvard Voices.



7. Johns Hopkins University

Lively Twitter feed is followed by 28,213 users while fans of JHU Facebook page may access viral video of Harlem Shake 2013. YouTube channel is more about university life rather than academic content. JHU is also accessible on Google+, Flickr, Pinterest and internal blogs and message boards.



8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is active on Facebook (196,404 “Likes”), Twitter (50,092 followers), YouTube (47,610,842 views) and Google+ (188,667 followers). Highlights: access to full-length lecture series’ on You Tube. Learn fundamentals of biology, anthropology of the Middle East, biological engineering and more.



9. University of Michigan

Twitter feed is sporadic, as 33,976 followers may testify. Facebook page, with 478,353 “Likes,” is more active and highly visual. YouTube channel contains speeches from the university president and thought-provoking lecture series’ on Europe and on emerging democracies. Highlights: Extensive dentistry section in iTunesU.



10. University of Nottingham

Very active Twitter feed has 18,038 followers. Keep up to date with sports activities and get advice on where to refer a friend for mental health services. As well as Twitter and Facebook (59,122 “Likes”), UON has a presence on LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr, iTunesU, YouTube and Pinterest. Also accessible on Chinse platforms (Issuu, Weibo, Renren and YouKu) serving its campus in Ningbo.



11. University of Oxford

Access free literary classics via official Facebook page (947,385 “Likes”). Twitter feed (60,577 followers) is updated sporadically. Highlights: Quantum Mechanics lectures on YouTube.



Oxford University Facebook

Oxford University Facebook

12. Penn State

Penn State embraces a wide spectrum of social networking platforms, beginning with Facebook (289,000 “Likes”), Twitter (31,146 followers), YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Highlights: “I Am Penn State” on YouTube, featuring students sharing their university experiences.



13. University of Pennsylvania

UOP has 51,305 ‘Likes’ on Facebook and 21,762 followers on Twitter. Steady Twitterstream informs followers of everything from plans for more study space to new Center for Nanotechnology. Find them also on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and iTunesU. Highlights: View Bono’s Commencement Speech of 2004 on YouTube channel.



14. University of San Francisco

Along with maintaining a presence on Facebook (21,507 “Likes”) and Twitter (3,381 followers), USF hosts its own social platform called, “The Pool,” showcasing writers, videographers, photographers and cultural observers from the USF community and throughout the world. Also accessible via LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr.



15. University of Sheffield

Find this northern England university of Facebook (31,469 “Likes”), Twitter (24,017 followers) and YouTube. Highlights: YouTube video of a lecture on the physics of time travel.



Yale YouTube

Yale YouTube

16. University of Southern California

USC is featured on Facebook (84,329 “Likes”), Twitter (2,802 followers), YouTube and iTunesU. Highlights: Sustainable Cities course on iTunesU.



17. Stanford University

Stanford University is accessible via Facebook (499,000 “Likes”), Twitter (106,719 followers., although most recent most is from 2011), YouTube (50 million views), iTunesU and Futurity, featuring research news from universities in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Highlights: Wide variety of topics on iTunesU, including courses on health and medicine, history and law.



18. University of Texas, Austin

UTA is one of a few universities to host its own social media directory, called “Know.” Students submit blogs, videos and photographs on a variety of topics. The university’s Facebook page has 434,000 “Likes” while Twitter feed attracts 44,000 followers). Present also on Flickr, RSS and YouTube.



19. University of Washington

In addition to the “compulsory” social networking platforms, Facebook (nearly 200,000 “Likes”), Twitter (25,463 followers), YouTube (0.25 million video views) and iTunesU, UOW hosts its own lean, clean, no-app-required mobile communications tool. Highlights: iTunes course, “Bill Gates Unplugged,” “Living with Traumatic Brain Injury” and the “Best of Chamber Dance.”



20. University of Wisconsin, Madison

After viewing the now-obligatory Harlem Shake on UWM’s YouTube channel and sampling news and sports updates, the visitor may care to visit the Grateful Red’s Facebook page (173,294 “Likes”) or Twitter feed (39,768 followers). Pinterest offerings come mostly from university archives or official communications. Instagram pages currently consist of 107 photos from students and staff photographers.



21. Yale University

Yale University features on Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, YouTube and iTunesU. Facebook page (469,481 “Likes”) features links to former president Bill Clinton’s University Class Day speech, 499th birthday greetings to Galileo Galilei and a lecture on “The Psychology of Love” in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Twitter feed is updated regularly and has 57,620 followers. Yale also features on YouTube, Flickr and iTunes U.



Did we miss your favorite school for social media marketing? Comment below!

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