93 Top SEO Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter is an efficient way to read the latest news in search engine optimization. Following SEO news on Twitter websites and prominent SEO people on Twitter can keep you up to date. Being an SEO Twitter follower is easy if you have the right list of companies and people to follow. There is no need to search for SEO accounts on Twitter, because we have them right here for you!

Top SEO News Profiles on Twitter

SEO Twitter website accounts give you the newest SEO news on Twitter and can help you to network with other SEO people on Twitter. If you are considering getting involved in search engine optimization or just want to learn about it, following these SEO accounts on Twitter can help you in your quest. These 20 SEO Twitter accounts are followed with their own descriptions of purposes to further guide you:

SEO Book on Twitter - Twitter SEO News1. SERPd – @serpd_tweets

“Social Community for SEO and Internet marketing companies to share stories and ideas.”

2. SEO Book – @seobook

“We cover the SEO and search marketing space as well as general changes to the web.”

3. SEOmoz – @SEOmoz

“The Web’s best SEO software, tools, resources and community.”

4. Search Engine Land – @sengineland

“Follow us for news about Google, Bing, Yahoo, search marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), and how to use search engines better!”

5. Search Engine Watch – @sewatch

“We love it when you RT SEW content with your own comments or perspectives! Get yourself known to us by sharing your thoughts.”

6. Search Engine Journal – @sejournal

“Search Engine Journal: Internet marketing news, tutorials, and features.”

7. SERoundtable – @seroundtable

“The pulse of the search marketing community.”

8. Ignite Visibility Blog – @IgniteV

“Ignite Visibility is a San Diego-based Internet marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC, analytics, online reputation management, and social media.”

AllFacebook Twitter - Twitter SEO News

AllFacebook Twitter – Twitter SEO News

9. AllFacebook – @allfacebook

“The leading resource about Facebook, with guides for individuals, brand managers and developers.”

10. Entrepreneur – @EntMagazine

“Entrepreneur is the magazine for the small-business community.”

11. HubSpot – @HubSpot

“HubSpot is all-in-one marketing software that brings your whole marketing world together in one powerful, integrated system.”

12. Search News Central – @searchcentral

“It’s about the readers. It’s about the authors. It’s about the Obsession and the future. We are an open door for expression.”

13. ClickZ – @ClickZ

“The original digital marketing rag and still the best.”

14. Search Engine Brief – @sebrief

“Search Engine Brief provides SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC updates, tips, and tricks. To know SEO updates are very important to get succeed in this competitive world.”

15. Marketing Pilgrim – @MarketingPilgrim

“Breaking down the latest internet marketing news so you don’t have to!”

16. Search Marketing Standard – @smstandard

“Search Marketing Standard magazine delivers compelling original how-to articles from top industry experts in search marketing, social media, analytics, and more.”

Entrepreneur Magazine - Twitter SEO News

Entrepreneur Magazine – Twitter SEO News

17. Search Engine Freak – @SEF_Blog

“One stop destination for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.”

18. SEO Chat – @DevSEOChat

“SEO Chat is dedicated to helping business owners and marketing specialists perform search engine optimization on their sites.”

19. Reel SEO – @reelseo

“The Video Marketing Guide – News, trends, tips, and commentary about online video, marketing, advertising, SEO, webTV, social media and more.”

20. Chitika – @Chitika

“Where data drives performance.”

More SEO News Resources

Still want more SEO Twitter blog and news accounts to follow? Staying in the know means reading the latest news. The following 18 SEO accounts on Twitter ensure that you will never be left behind when it comes to the latest search engine optimization news updates (all are described in their own words):

21. SiteProNews – @SiteProNews

“SiteProNews is a webmaster resource site focused on search, social media, technology, blogging, web development and video.”

22. Marketing Vox – @marketingvox

“Online marketing news, trends, practical tips.”

23. Blogstorm – @Branded_3

“Expert web design, development, SEO and social media solutions as well as advanced SEO training from an innovative and award-winning team.”

24. The Search Agents – @thesearchagency

“Integrated online marketing agency specializing in SEM, SEO, social media, display, CPO, and landing page optimization.”

25. Search Engine Guide – @SEGuide

“Free advice about small business online marketing.”

26. Daily SEO Tip – @DailySEO

“Loren Baker @lorenbaker and Ann Smarty @seosmarty are here to deliver a new cool SEO tip daily!”

27. Brick Marketing – @brickmarketing

“Brick Marketing is a Boston-based, full service SEO firm.”

28. State of Search – @stateofsearch

“Blog covering the next steps in search and social media. Straight-talking advice, opinions and news from the world of search and social media.”

29. WebProNews – @WebProNews

“WebProNews is a publication focusing on search, social media and eBusiness. News coverage includes Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Twitter.”

30. Search Cowboys – @Searchcowboys

“Searchcowboys blog about search engine and social media marketing – SEO Blog.”

31. PC Advisor – @PCAdvisor

“The UK’s number 1 technology website Tech chat from @mattjegan, @paultrotter, @simonjary, @davidcourt86, @mrjimmartin, @mrcjmartin.”

32. Practical E-Commerce – @PracticalEComm

“Practical Ecommerce provides independent articles and advice to help smaller businesses succeed online.”

33. Social Media Today – @socialmedia2day

“Publishing and distribution of great posts by the world’s best thinkers on social media best practices, tools and social marketing.”

34. All Things D – @allthingsd

“News, analysis and opinion about the digital revolution from @waltmossberg, @karaswisher and the All Things D reporting staff.”

35. The Next Web – @TheNextWeb

“International news on technology, business and culture. Follow specific channels in our twitter lists.”

36. TechCrunch – @TechCrunch

“Breaking technology news and opinions from TechCrunch.”

37. Marketing Charts – @marketingcharts

“Charts and data for marketers in web and excel format.”

SEL Twitter - Twitter SEO News

SEL Twitter – Twitter SEO News

38. Marketing Land – @marketingland

“Marketing Land is a news site covering internet marketing, social media, mobile marketing and more.”

SEO People on Twitter

If you’re an SEO Twitter follower, odds are that you likely following these people already. If you aren’t, following these SEO Twitter feeds gives you limitless contact to the greatest SEO advice and information available, plus it gives you the opportunity to connect and network with other SEO professionals. Some of these descriptions are self-defined by the individual.

39. Matt Cutts – @mattcutts

“Head of webspam at Google.”

40. Joost de Valk – @yoast

“I optimize websites for speed, SEO & conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. I blog, train & speak in public about this.”

41. Pete Cashmore – @mashable

“The largest independent website dedicated to news & resources for the connected generation.”

42. Mark Thompson – @m_thompson

“Internet marketer, entrepreneur, affiliate, blogger/creator of StayOnSearch, helping you drive traffic and generate exposure online!”

43. John Battelle – @johnbattelle

“A founder of Federated Media, OpenCoSF, Web 2 Summit, Wired, Industry Standard; writer on media, technology, culture, business.”

44. Mike Blumenthal – @mbluementhal

“All local, all the time. What else is there?”

45. Linda Bustos – @getelastic

“Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog brought to you by Elastic Path Software.”

46. Phil Buckley – @1918

“SEO, Digital Strategist, Social Media, Web Developer…”

47. Rand Fishkin – @randfish

CEO of SEOmoz.

48. Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan

Editor of SearchEngineLand.com

49. Vanessa Fox – @vanessafox

Ex-Googler and “cyberspace visionary” as named by Seattle Business Monthly.

 Danny Sullivan SEO - Twitter SEO News

Danny Sullivan SEO – Twitter SEO News

50. Michael Gray – @graywolf

SEO blogger, consultant and speaker.

51. Aaron Wall – @aaronwall

SEOBook blogger.

52. Daron Babin – @SEORockstars

CEO and host of Webmaster Radio, the largest online radio station for the B2B marketplace.

53. Lee Odden – @leeoden

CEO of TopRank and online marketing specialist.

54. Dave Naylor – @davenaylor

Head of search marketing at Bronco.co.uk and SEO conference speaker.

55. Ann Smarty – @SEOsmarty

Blogging and SEO expert.

56. Matt McGee – @MattMcGee

Executive News Editor at SearchEngineLand.com and speaker.

57. Gerald Webar – @the_gman

President of Search Engine Marketing Group and SEO consultant.

58. Brett Tabke – @btabke

Founder of the WebMasterWorld.

59. Ralph Tegtmeier – @fantomaster

SEO software developer and link builder from Belgium.

60. Reg Saddler – @zaibatsu

Well-known social media star.

Barry Schwartz - Twitter SEO News

Barry Schwartz – Twitter SEO News

61. Barry Schwartz – @rustybrick

Search Engine Roundtable Executive Editor and CEO of Rusty Brick.

62. John E. Lincoln – @johnelincoln

Internet marketing agency owner; teacher at UCSD, author on Search Engine Land and Marketing Land

63. Mike Grehan – @mikegrehan

VP, Global Content Director with incisive Media and publisher of Search Engine Watch.

64. Ruud Hein – @ruudhein

WordPress professional and an editor for Search Engine People.

65. Jennifer Sable Lopez – @Jennita

Blogger on SEOmoz.

66. Sean SEO – @seanSEO

Australian SEO blogger.

Lesser-Known and More Available to Network and Interact

Many of these people are more social and more available to connect with than their more well-known counterparts. Network with the following people to be able to interact with lesser-known SEO and marketing professionals in order to connect with people on Twitter:

67. Rishi Lakhani – @rishil

68. Derek Edmond – @DerekEdmond

69. Lyndon Antcliff – @lyndoman

70. David Leonhardt – @amabaie

71. Adrienne Doss – @seowoman

72. Andy Beard – @AndyBeard

73. Alysson – @SEOAly

74. Mark Edmondson – @GuavaMarketD

75. Mr Ingo Bousa – @supaswag

76. Brent D. Payne – @BrentDPayne

77. Cristian Vasile – @cristianvasile

78. Wiep – @wiep

79. James Duthie – @JamesDuthie

80. Mani Karthik – @ManiKarthik

81. Alex Juel – @SEOHolicc

82. Saurav Verma – @SauravVerma

83. Casie Gillete – @Casieg

More Top SEOs to Follow

These top SEOs can update you on the latest SEO news on Twitter. These SEOs offer valuable content to SEO professionals or those looking to learn about search engine optimization:

84. Greg Boser – @Greg Boser

SVP of Search Services.

85. Marty Weintraub – @aimclear

Self-proclaimed author, speaker, and world traveler.

86. Tom Critchlow – @tomcritchlow

VP of Operations Distilled NYC.

87. Lisa Barone – @lisabarone

VP of Strategy at Overit

 Lisa Barone - Twitter SEO News

Lisa Barone – Twitter SEO News

88. Andy Beal – @andybeal

CEO of Trackur.com, author of Radically Transparent, and founder of Marketing Pilgrim.

89. Bill Slawski – @bill_slawski

SEO by the Sea.

90. Neil Patel – @neilpatel

SEO professional.

91. Simon N. Reynolds – @simonnreynolds

Online marketing manager.

92. Richard Baxter – @richardbaxter

Director/Founder of SEOgadget LTD.

93. Alaister Low – @AlaisterLow

Online marketing and web strategist, and blogger for SEOmistry.

Twitter is a great tool to use to learn important SEO news and to network with all 93 websites and SEO professionals. Happy following!






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