Tab Size on New Facebook Business Timeline

The new Facebook business timeline still has Facebook tabs. You can find these tabs just below the new banner image (size 851 pixels by 315 pixels) and the new profile picture (180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall).  However, there is now a new Facebook business timeline tab size. This has many implications for Facebook tab design and development, which of course play a role in social media marketing.

New Facebook Business Timeline Tab Size

There are two tab sizes that are possible with the new Facebook business timeline.

  • Tab Size 1: 520 pixels wide with variable height
  • Tab Size 2: 810 pixels wide with variable height
ESPN Facebook Business Timeline

If ESPN would have known this page could be 810 pixels wide, we bet they would have made the video player a little bigger :)

This new tab size of 810 pixels allows up to make wider tabs! Do you want a dealer location tab, a new contest tab, or a new tab for an interactive game? Facebook now let’s you make it just a little wider.

We know this is not exciting to everyone, but it is to us. Good luck with your new Facebook business timeline tab sizes! If you would like to have a tab designed and developed for you contact us.

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