Social Media Site Interest Forecast & Report 2013: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Twitter

Social Media Report & Forecast 2013

This report created by Ignite Visibility uses online tools such as Google Trends, SEM Rush, Google External Keyword Tool and more to review and forecast different growth metrics for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google and Twitter. Information is written below and available in the infographic. Ignite Visibility asks that if you place the infographic on your website or mention the report you reference this page.

Interest Growth Forecast

This insight forecasts search volume for each website based on past data.

– Facebook will have more than double the search interest when compared to LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google
– Facebook interest will be slow early in the year and have strong growth late in the year
– Google interest will see a decline and recover late in the year
– LinkedIn will see steady growth in interest all year
– Twitter will see growth in interest all year
– YouTube will see steady growth in interest

Social Media Site Forecast 2013

Social Media Site Forecast 2013

Regional Interest

Numbers represent search volume relative to the highest point on the map which is always 100. A higher number means higher interest in the region.

Top Regions Facebook

Turkey 100
Tunisia 88
Venezuela 78
Colombia 72
Albania 72
Serbia 64
Italy 63
Dominican Republic 62
Algeria 60
Ecuador 59

Top Regions Google

Mexico City 100
London 83
Paris 77
Sydney 72
Milan 71
Madrid 67
New York 62
Istanbul 59

Top Regions LinkedIn

Netherlands 100
India 80
United Kingdom 64
Ireland 53
Canada 52
United States 52
Singapore 51
United Arab Emirates 49
Belgium 42
Australia 40

Top Regions Twitter

Istanbul 100
Caracas 89
Jakarta 88
Sao Paulo 64
Ankara 54
Mexico City 52
London 48
New York 41
Madrid 22

Top Regions YouTube

Lima 100
Bogota 75
Mexico 69
Madrid 50
Istanbul 49
Milan 37
Paris 36
London 33
Frankfurt am Main 33

Other Important Information

Search Engine Traffic US

This report ranks the websites based on Google search engine traffic in the US.

First Place: YouTube
Second Place: Facebook
Third Place: Google
Forth Place: Twitter
Fifth Place: LinkedIn

Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Traffic

Organic Keyword Rankings in US

This report ranks the websites based on Google keyword traffic in the US.

First Place: YouTube
Second Place: Facebook
Third Place: Google
Fourth Place: Twitter
Fifth Place: LinkedIn

Keyword Rankings for SEO

Keyword Rankings for SEO


The report, available in infographic format, shows critical information for social media marketers and others interested in the future of the websites.

This report shows the search interest for each site over time, dating back to as early as 2005. We see the explosion of Facebook in 2009 while the other big four social sites saw more steady growth. Perhaps most interesting though is the 2013 forecast. In each case we are seeing notable growth, meaning these sites will continue to dominate in the social aspect of online marketing.

Facebook wins the consumer interest battle with a score well near 100 when compared to the other sites. 100 is the highest metric on the Google trends search report. YouTube, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter have all seen less than half the interest of Facebook. The forecast shows that this trend will continue allowing Facebook to remain by far the most sought-after social media site.

Outside of forecasted growth, the study shows the interest for each social site by region. This data can be seen based on the darker areas in the infographic. Interestingly, the most engaged region per capita for Facebook was Turkey, for Google Mexico City, for LinkedIn the Netherlands, for Twitter Istanbul and for YouTube Lima. This information only furthers the idea of the global distribution and engagement these social sites have.

This study shows strong growth for each of these sites. We encourage marketers to share and cite this data. We are allowing this image to be utilized on other websites, we just ask that you reference Ignite Visibility.

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